Timothée : A multi-faceted profile !

Timothée RASO joined our teams in Lyon in January 2021. A PMO engineer in the Consulting department, he talks to us about the many activities he takes part in when he takes time off work.

A multi-faceted profile, his curiosity and sharp mind enable him to embark on self-taught projects through which he hopes to add value and feel useful.

Read on to discover his world of music, poetry, novels, mathematics and other activities.

Music and poems :

“I’ve been singing since I was a kid and in primary school I started writing my first poems; they were my first steps as a composer in a way. When I was at engineering school, I bought myself a guitar. I wanted to be able to play Knocking on Heaven’s doors, so I learnt how to read a score and play the song on the guitar, and then I just created my own compositions. I’m lucky enough to have a musical ear, so when I’m given a note, I instinctively know what comes next to find a harmonious melody. Today, I’ve realised a dream: I’ve been able to record five compositions in a professional studio. This allows me to take part in open concerts and sing for my friends. My compositions are available on SoundCloud. I recorded under the name Lex Ovoli, which comes from the flying fish, exocoetus volitans in latin.”

A novel :

“I have written a novel that mixes reality and fiction: “Un bipolaire ordinaire”. It took me a year to complete the project, and it was an experience that taught me a lot. Not least in putting into words what is not always easy to express.”

Mathematics : 

“My interest in research stems from the need to understand things and the world around me; I want to achieve something through a discovery. In trying to explain a poem about communication bias, I drew up a mathematical diagram and discovered a mathematical formula that turned out to be a property of the Fibonacci sequence (a sequence of whole numbers in which each successive term represents the sum of the two preceding terms, and which starts with 0 and then 1). That’s how I developed my passion for mathematics. One thing led to another and I ended up doing fundamental mathematical research on prime numbers. Four years later, I found a formula giving the sum of prime numbers over a given interval. Today, I’m waiting to hear back from the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure).
What’s interesting about prime numbers is that we can’t know what repercussions the research will have or how useful it might be. But each discovery about prime numbers arouses great interest in the world of mathematics because we don’t know what will happen next. I could well enjoy working in research.”

A hypnosis protocol : :

“Passionate about psychology, I became close to a circle of hypnotherapists and quickly made the link between hypnosis and child psychology. I knew that, until a certain age, children are unable to dissociate themselves from others. In other words, every external event is taken by the child as something for which he or she is responsible. As a result, their emotions and feelings are multiplied tenfold compared with those of an adult. The protocol I’ve created, called “Sapioplasty”, enables the adult’s consciousness to be modified so that they can once again experience this state of uniqueness and heightened emotional feelings. The aim is to bring the deep wounds back into consciousness so that they can then return to a normal state of consciousness and assimilate the origin of the wounds in order to alleviate them”.

An association :

“The more we communicate, the more we anticipate mental health problems. Based on this vision of things, I wanted to create an association called “alterécoute”, which aims to prevent mental health problems. I started from the observation that we weren’t doing enough to prevent mental health problems. The association provides a different way of listening, so that we can be fully present for the person, with respect and kindness”.

Board games :

“I’ve created two board games. I’ve proposed one to an agency that’s trying to sell it: Spell on Me. This game is the result of a lucid dream I had one day. I understood the mechanism that was taking place and I took note of everything. The aim of the game: to learn how to have a lucid dream and to assess the degree of lucidity in a group.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the second game because it’s still under development.”

Paleontology :

“The unknown and mystery attract me and, like a magnet, I seek to discover and understand everything that is hidden. When I was a child, I wanted to be Indiana Jones, I had a great admiration for the Mesozoic era, the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations and so on. I was fascinated by the very ancient. Atlantis is one of those mysteries that I would love to know the truth about one day. As I was unable to witness these great periods in history, I began excavating palaeontological sites, in particular the Lafarge cement quarry at Belemont d’Azergue. I made a number of fossil discoveries there, including seven ichthyosaur vertebrae. This is a marine animal that lived 200 or 300 million years ago.”

A treasure hunt :

“For several years now, I’ve been taking part in the world’s longest treasure hunt: Sur la Trace de La Chouette d’Or. The hunt takes place all over France and has been going on for thirty years now. You have to solve a book of eleven riddles with the help of visual aids. The prize is a golden owl. What’s unique is that you can travel through space thanks to the discoveries that have already been made. This ties in with my interest in mysteries and ancient things.”


Your creativity seems limitless, how do you manage it?

Creating is vital. It goes hand in hand with discovery, it’s a real driving force. It’s very instinctive, it just comes to me, both in my writing and in my musicality, it’s my way of expressing myself. I prefer to be self-taught than to take inspiration from other people in general. “If I force the issue, I won’t get any credit. So my basic philosophy is that I don’t want to train myself or learn from others, I want it to come from me, I don’t want to plagiarise. Even if, today, I’m modulating because you can always learn from others. My initial philosophy is laudable, but it takes longer to achieve goals than to start from something that already exists (like when I took singing lessons).


What would you like to explore in the near future?

“If I were to embark on a new activity in the near future, I’d like to explore synergology. This is the study of non-verbal communication. Communication is very important, not to say crucial. It enables us to understand others better and to be understood better. I hope that this knowledge will be useful in my personal and professional life.”


The final word:

“There’s a phrase that sounds like a mantra and that allows me to sum up my aspirations a little: “I don’t want to be like all those who leave this world without saying goodbye; goodbye through their life’s work“. When my grandfather, who worked hard all his life and would have liked to leave his mark on this world, died, I created this mantra as a guideline for my life. In a way, like Alexandre Legrand, who knew from an early age that he was born to do great things, I want to leave a mark and achieve something significant in this world. That’s what drives me. You have to aim very high to reach as high as possible. With respect, benevolence, non-judgement and authenticity, I want to give substance to my aspirations and add value, to feel useful.”

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