INDUSTEEL: Laying of the 1st stone on the construction site of the vertical continuous flow plant.

🏭 🔧 Laying of the 1st stone on the construction site of the Vertical Continuous Casting at the INDUSTEEL plant (ArcelorMittal Group) in Le Creusot (71).

On Friday 02 February, our Dunkirk EKIP, represented by Jean-LUC DECLEMY, Head of Steel and Metallurgy, Nicolas BEILLANT, Project Manager, and Mouldi CHOUCHENE, Project Engineer, attended this important event.


Together with the Danieli team (constructor of the Coulée Continue) and Industeel project manager Gauthier PLATTEAU, Ekium is proud to be taking part in this large-scale project by carrying out a complete project management mission (from the preliminary design to commissioning), including studies of all the technical work packages.

🧐 The construction of this revolutionary, less energy-intensive facility will make it possible to produce even more carbon-free steels and contribute to a reduction of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Industeel is renowned for producing the greenest steels in Europe, in particular by using electricity rather than gas to melt the metal. The first cast is scheduled for May 2025.