Energy transition: Ekium pilots a working group

RACE Cluster allows companies addressing the same markets with complementary technologies to develop synergies by offering more innovative, competitive and packaged solutions, in Offshore and Onshore Energy. Energetic transition invites industrial metamorphosis and digitalization. In our period of change and high cost reductions, the pool of cutting edge companies members of RACE propose inventive solutions for new Oil&Gas and Renewable branches, especially in Hydrokinetics and Offshore Wind Energy.

With RACE, these leading companies decide to combine their talents and innovations to create a pool of competitive packaged solutions.

In our changing and cost-cutting times, these member companies offer inventive solutions for the new oil, gas and renewable energy industries, especially in hydrokinetics and offshore wind energy.

Ekium, pilot of the new H2Race block

Philippe ROLIN

Philippe ROLIN, Export Project Manager 

The H2Race block, driven by Philippe ROLIN, was created to meet expectations of its participants regarding hydrogen and, more broadly, to bette understand the opportunities brought about by the energy transition. 

Three dimensions are developed : 

  • The evolution of products taking into account the technological contributions of R&D and industrialization in the context of the energy transition,
  • The business opportunities of the members and the ability to work together to better develop this business,
  • Financing opportunities related to the evolution of their products.

Ekium brings its first experiences on the whole hydrogen value chain (production, transport and use) and participates in other information sharing circles around the energy transition and brings to the cluster the fruits of this work.

“The challenges of the block are to understand the new markets resulting from the energy transition, to penetrate the ecosystem in constant evolution of this field and to identify great opportunities (allow members to be identified …), Philippe ROLIN.