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Michel Fresiers Ekium Hauts-de-France

Michel Frésiers

Director ekium hauts-de-france

For more than 50 years, Ateim has been supporting the industrial projects of Dunkirk territory and various sites in France and export. In 2019 we become a major agency of Ekium in Dunkirk.

We offer multidisciplinary Studies and various Engineering Services in tight synergy with agencies and all EKIUM resources:

  • Technical Assistance for Projects on sites, Consulting Services, Expertises, Site supervision and Safety Management
  • Engineering Services in Steel, Metals, Waste Treatment, Environment and Energy
  • Engineering services for industrial Building and Structures
  • Detailed Engineering in Chemical, Petrochemical, Life Science, Food industries
  • Technical Studies, general arrangement and fluids, mechanics, structural, metalwork, electricity, instrumentation,

Know-how, innovative spirit, professionalism and enthusiasm of our teams(Ekip) will boost your industrial development.

Committed to the success of your Projects, Ekium Dunkirk and Hauts-de-France.


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Benoit Lheureux

Benoît Lheureux

Activity Manager

Industrial Building Engineering

Alexandre MANTEL Ekium Ingénierie Bâtiment Industriel

Alexandre MANTEL

Directeur d'activité

Dunkirk Industrial Engineering

Jean-Luc Declemy


responsable d'activité



3 500t metallic structures, EOT cranes 400t and 160t, Engineering design phase and Shop Drawings of metallic structure

3 500t metallic structures, EOT cranes 400t and 160t, Engineering design phase and Shop Drawings of metallic structure.


Dunkirk (59)

ArcelorMittal atelier RHOB
Renault Nissan

New driving simulator for autonomous intelligent vehicles “ROADS”

2 000m2 process building and 2 400m2 offices, multidisciplinary Engineering of buildings and Utilities for process, roads and networks.

Renault Nissan Mitsubishi

Guyancourt (78)

Projet Renault Nissan

New boiler house for site steam utilities supply, 2 boilers 15t/h steam

Engineering Studies and Site Supervision for civil work and building, process equipment, utilities, 3D PDMS Model and Virtual Reality.


rixensart (belgium)

GSK Rixensart

Glass float and furnace of SSG Saltillo new plant

Basic Design of furnace and float armatures, venting Studies, Shop Drawings of furnace and float steelwork and supporting, CADs Tekla and PDMS.

SGG - Saint-Gobain

Saltillo (mexico)


Chlorine effluents recovery new plant

Studies of storages and neutralization workshop, utilities, Site Supervision, HSE Site Management, Scheduling Management.


Loon-plage (59)

Projet Indachlor

Fuel conversion of Bois Rouge thermal power plant

from coal to wood pellets, New wharf and 2x 45 000m3 pellets storages at le Port, 130 t/h pellets loading facilities to 3 upgraded boilers at Bois Rouge plant, greenhouse gas reduction 640kt CO2 equivalent/ year

Multidisciplinary Engineering, studies, assistance to procurement, site supervision, time-scheduling, commissioning.


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