ALBIOMA: Conversion of its Bois-Rouge power plant to 100% biomass


Albioma is an independent renewable energy producer. It is mainly active in the biomass and solar photovoltaic sectors, mainly in mainland France and the French overseas territories.

Since its establishment on Reunion Island in 1992, Albioma has been helping to guarantee the island’s energy autonomy.

Context :

” Today the Group is starting a new page in its history with the announcement of the conversion of its Bois-Rouge plant to 100% biomass. This plant will abandon the use of coal by the end of 2023, and will increase the share of renewable energy from 35% to 51% of Reunion’s electricity mix.” (source: Albioma website) 

Ekium is assisting Albioma in this energy conversion by carrying out the complete project management for two separate sites, one of which is in operation (electricity production):

  • Biomass storage and transportation and boiler modification for the transition from coal to wood pellets and local biomass.

Project description:

  • Preliminary design with pre-sizing of the conveying equipment
  • Project, consultation files,
  • Analysis of the works contracts,
  • VISA & Synthesis,
  • Management of the works,
  • OPC,
  • Acceptance and testing.

Project specifics:

  • Port: 800 t/h boat unloading, 2 pellet domes of 45,000 m3, 4 truck loads 220 t/h.
  • Central site: 4 truck unloadings, filling of 2 pellet domes of 9,500 m3 at 600 t/h, local biomass storage facility, feeding of 3 boilers at 130 t/h average, 3 boilers to be modified.
  • Timeframe: PRO-DCE 6 months, MSI biomass boilers from 2022 to 2023
  • Duration of works: Port 12 months, central site 12 months then 2×6 months
  • Number of hours: 60 000h (all phases)
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 640 k tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.