The Sophie BERQUIER portrait

Civil Engineering Project Manager
Works Director

Sophie, can you tell us about your background?

I graduated from INSA Strasbourg in Civil Engineering. My first job was in the nuclear field as a GC Design Engineer.

My experiences have been enriched by my professional changes: I have worked on incineration and biomass plant projects from the design phase to the acceptance of the works.

This allowed me to learn how to manage teams on sites with strong regulatory requirements.

What have been your professional experiences?

What I like about my job is the diversity of projects : from building glass factories in the Arab Emirates to refurbishing a private lounge in an airport and projects in the pharmaceutical sector.

For the past three years, I have been working for Ekium as a Civil Engineering Project Manager and I continue to learn and grow.

I have recently taken on a new role, that of Works Manager on a new building construction site on a Seveso site. I manage a team of 4 people with the administrative, financial and technical aspects with the synthesis of the technical lots in collaboration with a Bim Manager and a Site Supervisor.

Had you imagined this profession?

No! I wanted to be an archaeologist, a vet, a doctor and an airline pilot. As such, I took a preparatory course and I had the syndrome of lightning myopia! Former students from the preparatory school came to present their career paths and I fell in love with Civil Engineering, so I chose this path.

A year ago, you know, I didn’t think I’d be a Works Director either!
The confidence and support of my manager enabled me to overcome my own obstacles and today I am happy to have dared!

What kind of manager are you?

I’m a good listener: on site this helps to clarify things and ease tensions. I like the teams to work in a collaborative atmosphere and respect a common objective.

“A wink to end this exchange, in fact to do your job, you need two wardrobes: the pumps and the construction outfit!”

Portrait by Myriam HéritierInternal Mobility Manager