Look back at Industry Week 2023 by Ekium

As part of the Industry Week, Ekium is showcasing all its professions through events and educational materials.

The Industry Week is an opportunity for Ekium to :

👉 Take students and our teams on a tour of a nuclear power plant to raise their awareness of the challenges of nuclear power, encourage people to take up the profession and give them a better understanding of how this low-carbon energy works. Many thanks to EDF for this initiative.

👉 Develop and strengthen collaboration with our partners Pôle Emploi, Atom Emploi and Cap Emploi in order to respond to market dynamics,

👉 Propose concrete solutions to industrialists in Industrial Performance,

👉 Share our experience of the circular economy and decarbonisation with manufacturers in the region.

Semaine de l'Industrie 2023
Virtual tour of a nuclear power plant & Presentation of careers at the IUT in Le Havre

Industry Week began with Franck Lecoq, Branch Manager, and Lolita VIGNEUX, Recruitment Officer, talking to students in the Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing department.

The aim of our approach is to discuss the career opportunities associated with their training, while presenting the realities of the field through an educational visit to a nuclear power plant.

During their immersion, the future technicians and engineers discovered the facilities of a nuclear power station and gained a better understanding of the environment and how low-carbon energy works.

This approach is also helping to raise awareness of nuclear issues among the next generation as soon as they start their training, and to encourage more people to take up the profession.

Many thanks to EDF for this educational approach, which was greatly appreciated by the students.

Ekium opens its doors to employment partners

Industry Week continues with open doors at our head office with our partners Pôle emploi, Atom’Emploi and Cap Emploi.

💬 “This was an enriching moment because it allowed us to better understand each other’s expectations and needs thanks to the presentation of our professions.” – Laure-Hélène LEVRAT

💬 “Many thanks to our partners for the quality of this exchange, which will enable us to create more bridges in favour of the employment market.” – Myriam HERITIER

Ekium Dunkerque opens its doors!

📅 Industry Week continues at the Ekium Dunkerque agency, which has opened its doors to its customers.


🔦 An instructive evening for our guests and an opportunity for our experts to highlight the projects for this year 2023 and all the technical expertise needed to bring them to fruition.


🥳 Many thanks to the entire EKIP team in Dunkerque for their warm welcome and legendary friendliness !

Our Ekips from Mauritius, Marseilles and Lyon immerse themselves in the Cruas-Meysse nuclear power plant!

Our teams were also able to discover the different rooms and facilities that make up a nuclear power plant. 

For some, the aim of the event was to learn more about how a power station works and its role in electricity production, while for others it was an opportunity to deepen their technical knowledge and enhance their expertise in the field of energy. 

Once again, a big thank you to EDF for this very popular event, which was attended by around a hundred people.

Visite AMIO 2
Visite Marseille
Interne - vendredi midi (2)

At the end of the Semaine de l’Industrie, Ekium and Snef experts hosted a stand on a major issue: Energy Performance & Decarbonation at a major event organised by the Snef Group. This annual event at the Stade Vélodrome brings together a large number of industry professionals and local authorities. The aim of the day is to showcase the full range of the Group’s expertise.

Many thanks to Denis BOUTEILLE, Amélie BONNET, Dominique PARAYRE, Enzo COURCON, François VEILLON, Alexis JACOBIN and Jordan ALLARD!