Laying of the foundation stone for the Carbios PET biorecycling plant

On Thursday 25 April 2024 in Longlaville (25) Jean-François YOT, Managing Director, Vincent LAZIAN, Automation Director and Rani BOUNABI, Automation Business Manager, took part in the launch of the new Carbios plant alongside 200 other partners.

Carbios is a French company that is a pioneer in the development and industrialisation of biological technologies for rethinking the end-of-life of plastics and textiles.
Since its creation in 2011, it has successfully combined the worlds of biology and plastics processing. 10 years on, Carbios already has 41 international patent families and 2 concrete solutions to combat plastic pollution.

Carbios, a pioneer in PET bio-recycling :

PET, the second most widely used plastic in the world, is currently manufactured mainly from petroleum. Thanks to the enzymatic biorecycling technology developed by CARBIOS, PET will no longer come from oil production, but from its own waste.

Pose de la 1ère pierre de l'usine Carbios de biorecyclage de PET

Ekium’s mission :

As part of the “Reference Plant” project, with an estimated processing capacity of 50,000 tonnes of PET waste per year, the Ekium Automation team is responsible for drawing up all the Functional Analyses of the plant’s process, based on the PIDs, HAZOP and functional descriptions, as well as the control and command package.

This technological breakthrough opens up new recycling streams for multilayered, coloured and opaque trays made from packaging waste and polyester textile waste, which until now have been little or not recycled at all, giving them value. In addition, this breakthrough positions France as a pioneer in green innovation, contributing to its reindustrialisation and leadership in the transition to a sustainable economy. (Source: Carbios press release).

A technological revolution is taking shape tomorrow with the groundbreaking ceremony of CARBIOS’ plant in Longlaville: the world’s first biorecycling plant. French pride! Ecological transition and growth, made in France and innovation go hand in hand.” Emmanuel Macron.

Ekium is particularly proud to be taking part in this ground-breaking project, which is expected to create 150 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

A great sequel to come!