Focus on the Mechanical Calculation activity

Service Calcul Mécanique
Our calculation engineers are responsible for the design and mechanical strength of simple and complex systems (pressure vessels, piping networks, lifting equipment, special machines, industrial and nuclear installations, metal structures, etc.) in compliance with design and analysis codes and French and European standards.

Our team works for various customers (EDF, HPC, FA3, Framatome, Daher, Betri, Suez, Vencorex, Borealis, Naval Group…) and has the following mission 

– Verify the mechanical equipment (structure, anchorages and realization of a calculation note, a dimensioning note).

– To study the behavior and the mechanical resistance according to the criteria of plasticity of materials.

– Control all damages: excessive deformation, plastic instability, progressive deformation, progressive cracking, elastic or elastoplastic instability and sudden rupture.

– Analyze all modes of failure.

– Perform calculations under seismic, wind, snow, pressure, temperature, dead weight effects…

Our engineers use the different mechanical analysis codes: Eurocodes, RCC-M, RCC-MR, RCC-Mx, CODAP, CODETI, FEM, CRT EDF… as well as scientific software: ANSYS, SYSTUS, ROBOT, CODRES, AutoPiPE, Pipestress, CAESAR, SYSPIPE…

Hervé Issa’s Mechanical Calculation Department is growing and recruiting!