Envision AESC: Ekium works to reduce the carbon footprint of industry

Envision AESC's battery manufacturing plant in Japan

Envision AESC, a global player in low-carbon battery technology, is setting up a project to install an electric car battery Gigafactory next to the Renault site in Douai (59).

The Douai Gigafactory will have a capacity of 9 GWh in 2024 and will power the next generation of electric vehicles with state-of-the-art battery technology.

Our mission :

EKIUM intervenes within a group of companies:

  • On the “Concept design” and “Basic design” phases,
  • For all the electrical distribution studies of the site (HV 225kV/MV/LV),
  • On the coordination of the study for the whole grouping.

Electric mobility is helping to meet the challenge of energy transition and the transformation to a low-carbon world.