Ekium wins National Engineering Competition

Decarbonising industry awarde goes to Ekium for the project it carried out for EUROAPI:

Drawing up a strategic, technical and economic roadmap for 2030 & 2050 with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality and reducing energy and water consumption.

The aim of this grand prize is to shine the spotlight on French engineering.
For this 2023 edition, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, the Ministry of Energy Transition and the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, in partnership with Syntec-lngénierie, are revamping the competition.

Awards ceremony :
Denis BOUTEILLE, Head of the Industrial and Energy Performance Agency, Jean-Marie REVERDEL, Head of Equipment & Facilities Management Euroapi, Léo JEANDEAU, Energy Performance Project Engineer.
Trophée Ekium Grand Prix National Ingénierie 2023

A project in response to today’s major climate challenges

Against a backdrop of climate change and the energy crisis, EUROAPI, the world’s 2nd largest producer of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, has embarked on an extremely ambitious energy roadmap.

By 2030, the group aims to reduce its fossil fuel energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 30%, to use 100% renewable electricity and to obtain ISO 14001 and 50001 certification for all its sites.

To achieve these objectives, EUROAPI called on Ekium to support the group in the technical, operational, environmental and economic aspects of their 6 European sites.
Ekium teamed up with Greenflex to carry out this strategic project.

Analysis of the existing situation, site visits, prospective, financial and technical studies, medium and long-term roadmap… Our experts set to work to design a very concrete and operational strategic roadmap, vision 2030 & 2050. In the end, more than 80 energy optimisation solutions were identified and are currently being studied or deployed at Vertolaye (France 63), Elbeuf (France 76), Haverhill (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Brindisi (Italy). The range of solutions includes tried-and-tested tools (process optimisation, recovery and use of waste heat, biomass boilers, renewable energies, thermal insulation, etc.), as well as innovative technological solutions:

  • Vertical wind turbines
  • Hybrid solar panels
  • Organic Rankine cycle or combustion of organic sludge
  • Geothermal energy