Ekium signatory of the Engineering Charter for Gender Equalityr gender

While only 31% of engineers are women, companies in the profession have taken a new step in favour of gender equality. 70 companies have signed a gender equality charter, which commits them to carrying out concrete and measurable initiatives at all levels of action during the year.

Ekium is proud to be one of the signatories of the Engineering Charter for Gender Equality.
By signing this charter, Ekium commits itself over the coming year to carrying out at least one strong action for each major commitment: 

  1. Take action to improve the image of engineering among young people, especially girls.
  2. Ensure equal treatment of women and men throughout their careers.
  3. Promote a work/life balance for all.
  4. Encourage access to management positions for women by developing upward mobility.
Philippe LANOIR signe la charte mixité

Philippe LANOIR, President of Ekium, signed the Engineering Charter for Gender Equality on 14 October 2021.

L'ensemble des signataires de la charte mixité

Already 70 companies have signed up!