ArcelorMittal, a historical partner of the group.

Rodolphe Bonnard , ArcelorMittal New works manager.

ArcelorMittal is a historical partner of the group and on the occasion of ATEIM’s 50th anniversary, we had the honour to hear a few words from our client. Find the complete testimony of Rodolphe Bonnard.

“ATEIM is a historical partner of ArcelorMittal. Recently, I have been the head of new works within the company and as soon as I arrived I worked with ATEIM. I quickly identified the interest of working in partnership with such a structure. They have sharp skills in various fields. However, our investment projects need to be studied in a very rigorous way.


What I appreciate within the teams: professionalism, proximity, responsiveness without forgetting the very important human aspect in our relations, which allows us to dialogue in a transparent manner on the various issues. Our exchanges are frank. This is why today I will allow myself to be frank in return: I have never felt any limits at ATEIM.

The fact that they are joining the EKIUM group is certainly proof that the company is constantly evolving, nevertheless I hope that this will not change our relations and that they will remain warmly associated with this ever-present concern for proximity for greater responsiveness. In ATEIM, I have found a serious partner. I wish them a long life and I salute the work done by the employees, especially those I work with on a daily basis.

They are people of quality both at the professional and human level. I quickly established a relationship of trust with them. Today, I work in complete serenity when I am at their side. “