Antoine's portrait: Process Control & Electricity Project Engineer.

Antoine, what is your educational background?

I come from the town of Nivelles in Belgium. I studied advanced mathematics and advanced sciences during the equivalent of the baccalauréat. Meeting people at schools and careers fairs made me want to become an engineer!

So I enrolled at the Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut (HELHa) for 5 years, specialising in automation.

How did you join Ekium ?

I joined Ekium Belgium for my second placement, where I worked on an automation project for a client in the pharmaceutical sector. I had to study the operation and implementation of a robotised logistics solution. I was then taken on as an Automation and Electrical Project Engineer.

Antoine Ingénieur Projet Process Control & Electricity

Process Control & Electricity Project Engineer

Could you describe the context of your immersion in the Lyon-based teams of the Automation division ?

I came for 3 months to discover and learn the processes and methods applied in the Automation department.

What did you learn during this immersion ?

I deepened my knowledge of certain software applications and learned new ones. I also discovered that projects are constrained by industrial standards.

I also realised that an engineering degree opens doors but doesn’t make you an engineer… in theory I knew that, but this immersion made me even more aware of it.

During those 3 months, I gained in autonomy, and I was also able to transform an experience that might have seemed difficult into a learning experience. Technically, the project I’m working on is rather ‘easy’, but the fact that I’m working with a new team and using new methods is helping me to learn how to become an engineer and to learn my job.

What do you take away from yout time in Lyon ?

I discovered a great team, where solidarity and a good atmosphere reign, and my integration was very easy. I’m sad to be leaving again!

I also discovered the city of Lyon and made some wonderful cultural discoveries …

You have the last word ?

At engineering school, we’re taught to learn and these 3 months have only increased my thirst for learning!