Winner of the National Engineering Competition

Industry & Technology Consulting Award 2021

The aim of the Grand Prix is to highlight French engineering in all its diversity and components and thus demonstrate the added value of intellectual engineering services, particularly in terms of research and development and innovation, as well as its economic and social impact.

An intelligent and innovative concept for early action fire extinguishing

The SHIAI is an innovation of Ekium and EDF Ingeum (thermal engineering) in the field of fire protection.

It is a fixed proactive automatic extinguishing equipment, under permanent air analysis, reliable and easy to install. The system allows early detection of fire and/or explosive gas and automatically carries out gas warning and/or extinguishing via a single pipe network.
The all-in-one solution is non-magnetic and ATEX.

The “intelligent” and innovative SHIAI concept for Hybrid Integral Fire Protection System is the reliable and ecological solution that meets all expectations:

Les deux co-inventeurs : Patrick MAUREAU, Ingénieur Système de Sécurité Incendie Ekium & Baptiste FRITOT, Technicien études incendie EDF Ingeum

A long-term partnership between EDF and Ekium

Ekium and EDF Ingeum win the 1st prize in the innovation competition organised by EDF.

The SHIAI innovation is patented

Award ceremony at the “Carreau du Temple” in Paris

To date, EDF Ingeum and Ekium wish to find an industrial partner in the field of fire safety who will be able to develop the concept, create a prototype, produce and market the SHIAI under the partner’s brand.

14 October 2021: The award ceremony

A ceremony organised by Syntec Ingénierie with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities and the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

“It’s a very good collaboration between an engineering company and a manufacturer, which is exemplary for this project. 

A co-development that has led, thanks to the complementarities of the two entities, to develop an innovation that meets a user need, which is the final objective.”

Head of the Technical & Innovation Department EDF Ingeum

Cérémonie de remise des prix

Patrick MAUREAU, Ekium Fire Safety System Engineer, Davy ALTIERI, Electrical and Fire Engineer EDF Ingeum, Philippe LANOIR, Président Ekium, Thierry LE GUEVEL, Head of the Technical & Innovation Department EDF Ingeum