Total Cres – Client representative – Research centreTotal Cres – Client representative – Research centre

Total Cres – Client representative – Research centre

As assistant project manager, Ekium is involved in most general engineering projects for the Research Centre in Solaize (69) via the framework contract. Our missions cover the majority of the on-site projects including the creation, renovation, and layout of research laboratories and adjoining offices.

Our engineers are present on-site (front office) and handle all the design work from the feasibility phase to construction and are responsible for the site supervision and delivery of the completed work files, Depending on the complexity of the projects, this team can rely on the expertise of mentors in the profession at all times (back office) in areas of specialty such as process, civil and structural analysis, risk surveys, 3D modelling, etc.


Oil & Gas

Etablissement CRES
Chemin Canal
69360 Solaize


  • A project team consisting of a project manager and 6 employees working together on in open plan office, assisting the Technical department & greenfield projects department (STTN)
  •  Research and work are conducted in close co-operation with the Quality Health Safety and Environment department of the Site
  • Changes in energy efficiency regulations are considered (ISO 50,001)
  • Laboratory represent surfaces areas between 50 and 250 m²
  • These laboratories are equipped with fume hoods, benches, folding arms, solvent recovery furniture, ventilated fume cupboards, etc.
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