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Suez Environment – Distributed Control System of a seawater desalination plant

The proposed construction of a water desalination plant with a production capacity of 136,000 m3/day in MIRFA (United Arab Emirates) for which EKIUM was assigned the distributed control system. This facility complements the existing plants and allows MIRFA to have a total capacity of water desalination of 239,000 m3/day (and a production of 1600 MW of electricity). As part of this project, the desalination process includes: the pretreatment, the reverse osmosis process and sludge treatment.

Ekium’s job is to develop the Distributed Control System:

  • The provision of hardware and software: DCS (Siemens PCS7), KVM, video wall
  • Functional analysis review
  • Project documentation (operating manual, maintenance manual, test records, etc.)
  • The development and internal application tests
  • Reception of hardware platform and the (F.A.T.) application with DEGREMONT and the end customer
  • On-site services: synchros assistance and functional tests

Project type: 


Usine de dessalement d'eau de mer Abou Dabi


  • Time frame of 9 months (10,000 hours), of which 5 months were dedicated to platform commissioning/test using a process simulator
  • Duration of on-site assistance: 7 months
  • 10,000 I/O wired and distributed in just over 80 distribution boards/boxes
  • 2,000 ‘logged’ variables’; exchanges with electrical section (circuit breakers and variable speed drives) and the DCS of the existing power plant
  • 300 controls synoptic
  • System Architecture: 4 pairs of redundant data servers, 1 CMMS server (maintenance), 1 report server, 1 history server, 6 pairs of AS410H controllers
  • Using task management software for follow-up of documentation and tests


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