Sofresid – Conversion of 2 oil tankers in Southern Africa

Sofresid – Conversion of 2 oil tankers in Southern Africa

Sofresid Engineering is in charge of the transformation of the hulls of two VLCC tankers to FPSO; SAIPEM SA will be the one to process the top-side parts.

The Kaombo project is situated at about 260 km from the shore of the Angolan capital Luanda in Southern Africa. Kaombo comprises of 59 offshore wells, connected by nearly 300 km of subsea pipelines to two floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units with a production capacity of 115,000 barrels each.

The two FPSO will come from the conversion of two VLCCs into production units.

In that context, Ekium conducts:

  • Construction design of the pump room: room layout for the addition of new pumps according to the P&ID, routing of piping lines (large diameters) and issuance of the corresponding isometric drawings.
  • Routing of methanol and dehumidification networks.

Project type: 

Industrial Engineering


Oil & Gas



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