Singapore Sport Hub

Singapore Sport Hub

Dragages Singapore, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has been assigned the construction of a sports complex. The latter includes an ultra-modern 55,000-seater stadium. It is air-conditioned, equipped with a movable roof and reconfigurable bleachers. Bleacher reconfiguration makes it possible to change the seating arrangement of the stadium depending on the event (football, cricket, athletics, and concerts).

Ekium is responsible for the Distributed Control System of the machine operating the platforms on which the mobile bleachers are mounted. It includes modifying the electrical system in order to make it compliant with the local regulations, programming the security PLC, preparation of the related documentation, commissioning of the machine and validation tests.

Project type: 




  • Machine control in automatic or manual mode

  • A test mode enables periodic controls of safety components   
  • The bleachers are installed on 49 platforms of about 100 tons each

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