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Relocation of a sugar factory from Séville to Egypt

Dismantling of a sugar-beet factory in Séville (Spain) and its relocation with process modifications in Alexandria (Egypt).
Our services include the laser scanning of the factory as well as the preparation of a complete and intelligent 3D model so as to facilitate the dismantling and relocation of the factory in Egypt: dismantling :

  • 3D laser scanning and survey of the as-built facility in Séville before the dismantlement
  • The complete 3D laser scanning of the as-built facility and existing equipment before dismantlement
  • PDMS 3D modelling of the new factory after equipment tagging

  • Preparation of 2D layout plans
  • Structural and civil engineering design
  • Routing of the new piping networks, critical piping flexibility and stress analysis 
  • Preparation of piping isometrics
  • Preparation of detailed drawings
  • Preparation of the technical specifications for the contractors


Project type: 

Industrial Engineering


Life sciences



  • Specificities

  • Site surface area of 193,140 m2  
  • Point clouds in ASCII format
  • Quasi-automatic ‘clash detection’ by the 3D PDMS model
  • Team dedicated to the modelling of piping networks
  • Viewing of the 3D model in Navisworks Simulate/Freedom after export of the PDMS model

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