The City of Paris aims to reduce its energy consumption (COP21).

Paris City - Supervision of installations thermal engineering

Paris city places great emphasis on bring down energy consuption substantially, in line with the important issues of climate (COP21).

  • Control technical equipment to the needs of users of the buildings : adapt the heat production and facilitate technical operations and maintenance (preventive, curative, adaptative).
  • Decline adaptative consistent seamless solutions of distrubuted control system, supervision, hypervision of a very large number of sites : 1,300 thermal centres with major powers.
  • Monitoring of spending energy expenditure (36,000 invoices a year) and optimize workloads.

Our engineers intervene as Project management assistance for the realization supervision of installations in Paris city thermal engineering :

  • Phase 1 : Diagnosis of existing installations.
  • Phase 2 :  Functionnal project program.
  • Phase 3 :  Contrators’ consultation file
  • Phase 4 :  Ensure the monitoring of companies performances
  • Phase 5 :  Assistance during commissiong phase
Paris City Hall
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville
75000 Paris


  • A powerful ambition for the improvement of the energy performance
  • A multi-stakeholders project
  • Enpower directors and facilitate amendment of the customs and behaviours for consumption
  • Third party projects : continue the modernisation the range of heading plants, renewal of boilers with – for example – high efficency boilers and development of management information technology and networks
  • Experiment of connected objects on user sites (schools, town halls, sports centres…) and collect consumption informations through private networks of Paris City to third party networks
  • Integration into a global information system

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