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O-I – Revamping of the Distributed Control System of glass furnaces in Europe

The world’s leading glass-packaging manufacturer, O-I, boasts over one hundred years’ experience in manufacturing packaging combining purity, durability and enhancement of numerous brands, including some of the world’s most well-known players in the food and beverage sector.

Ekium has worked in partnership with O-I since 2009, particularly on “furnace revamp” projects, and has done so across all sites in Europe (England, Scotland, Spain, Estonia, France, Poland, and the Czech Republic). This partnership has grown throughout the years, along with the scope of turnkey projects entrusted to Ekium

  • Detailed electrical and instrumentation design
  • Design and supervision of the manufacturing of distribution boards (distribution boards, boosting, speed variation and automation),
  • Automation system design
  •  “AUXILIARY” PLC programming and supervision,
  • Construction (pathways, cabling, false floor, ...)

  • Integration of the “AUXILIARY” PLC into the global supervision system
  • Commissionnning and assistance during start up
  • Operator training

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Tehaste 7, Jarvakandi
79101 Raplamaa


  • Turnkey projects throughout Europe,
  • Major planning challenges resulting from imposed shutdown and restart dates due to production constraints, with occasional several projects overlaps.
  • Significant interactivity on site (more than 100 people, including 15 to 20 from Ekium).

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