Arcelor Mittal

Arcelor Mittal – Coking gas desulphurisation – phase 2

The international steel-manufacturing group has built several facilities on its site in Fos-Sur-Mer, in order to:

  • Implement a new hydrogen sulphide (H2S) scrubbing system for coking gas in addition to the existing ammonia (NH3) scrubbing system,
  • Treat the water coming from H2S and NH3 scrubbers by adding 3 new deacidification and distillation towers,
  • Improve the production of chilled water by adding 2 refrigeration units, 1 chilled-water recirculation pump, a chilled-water circuit with the necessary heat exchangers to cool down the liquor and a cooling tower water circuit for the cooling down of refrigeration units.

Ekium is the leading partner of GMES (Groupement Momentané Economique et Solidaire) with CLEMESSY and responsible for the Distributed Control System package.

To implement this project, our team has carried out:

  • Electrical, instrumentation and automation basic and detailed engineering,
  • Surveys and verification of the existing facility as-built drawings  
  • General and detailed designs,
  • Supply of the automation system,
  • Hardware platform reception[VB1] ,
  • On-site adjustments and fine tuning, including control loops,
  • Performance of site tests (including performance tests),
  • Regulatory tests,
  • Management and coordination of site tests (taking into account the operational constraints)
  • Assistance in industrial commissioning until contractual performance is reached,
  • Training of company staff,
  • The necessary documentation for start-up, operation and equipment maintenance,
  • Project management and planning, monitoring committee, interface management with the other packages.

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Arcelor Mittal F-13776 Fos Sur Mer Cedex


  • 0 accident
  • More than 20,000 hours (site assessment)

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