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our agencies got talent : valenciennes an agency that relies on proximity

Our 365 day world tour continues, today we zoom in on the Valenciennes agency.

Michel FRESIERS, Responsable d’Agence, will introduce you to his multidisciplinary team, which works closely with its clients.

We won’t tell you more, the rest in pictures… 😉

The Sweetie RADIM portrait

As part of the International Women’s Rights Week, we invite you to discover the portrait of Sweetie RADIM – Technical Manager at Ekium AMIO, our Mauritian agency.

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Cobot by Ekium

For 20 years, Ekium Lab Automation has been providing expertise in laboratory robotics and customised automation solutions.

Ekium supports you in your Collaborative Robots project.

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Cybersecurity: 6 lessons to be taken into account in the wake of the health and economic crisis

Cybersecurity: 6 lessons to be taken into account following the health crisis and The health crisis has shaken many habits and made companies more vulnerable to computer attacks. The implementation of teleworking has been generalised, the management of updates for remote workstations remains problematic, new partially secure collaborative tools are being used, the list is long.

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