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our agencies got talent : valenciennes an agency that relies on proximity

Our 365 day world tour continues, today we zoom in on the Valenciennes agency.

Michel FRESIERS, Responsable d’Agence, will introduce you to his multidisciplinary team, which works closely with its clients.

We won’t tell you more, the rest in pictures… 😉

The Célia portrait

Our internal network Ekilibre, dedicated to gender diversity and equality, offers you portraits of female employees in our engineering professions. Discover today the portrait of Célia.

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Realization of a technical management of the building

Within the framework of a public market, the town hall of Nanterre realizes a parking lot in a new district. In order to supervise the site, EKIUM is subcontracting SNEF to provide a technical management system for the building that can be accessed remotely.

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The Sophie BERQUIER portrait

Our series of portraits continues, today it’s the turn of Sophie BERQUIER – Civil Engineering Business Manager and Works Director to present her career path.

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