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Ekium Air Consult offers a methodology to define projects at an early stage in all aspects and impacts, adapted to the size of the project, from small renovations to full installation and maturity of the organisation.

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  • Scope of application : 

Aseptic and/or confined areas in (radio-) pharmaceutical production according to GMP

R&D Laboratories and Biological Risk Production Areas, Radioisotopes, Fine Chemistry,...

Cellular Therapy, Immuno Therapy, Medical Diagnostics, Pet shops

Food & beverages, Flavours & Fragrances, Aerospace

Hospital Critical Areas: Production of cytotoxics and sterile products...

Climatic chambers (Ecotrons,...) and Biotechnology Incubation Chambers

Decontamination/Disinfection Processes

Environmental Monitoring

Production equipment (Insulators, Weighing, Washing, Sterilization, Lyos,...)


  • Deliverables 

Project Definition, Programming, Block diagrams, PFD, P&ID

Analysis of Regulatory Gaps

Flow diagram, locations

Simulation of Production & Logistics Capacities, Utility Balances

Master Plans, Feasibility Studies

APD, APS, Detailed Studies of all techniques and Equipment

Sizing, Definition & Technical and Functional Specifications, Tender Documents

Project management and EPCMV


Risk Analyses (GMP, HAZOP,...), ATEX zoning, Irradiation, nuclear contamination, ...

Budget estimates and planning

Validation and Verification Plans (ASTM 2500)

Assistance with Specifications and Management of Interfaces with Production Equipment

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