Ekium, one of the most beautiful independent French companies!

They were 8000 at the beginning, and now they’re only 150 left.

This is the number of SMBs chosen by the newspaper l’Expansion and Ellisphere, the leader in economic and financial information for companies, in etablishing a ranking of the 150 most beautiful independent companies in France. Ekium is included for the first time in the final ranking, and occcupies the 131st place. It's a big reward for Ekium who was totally unknown to the list and carved out its place with an effective strategy. Ekium is projecting annual sales of 70 millions of euros for 2016 and had made growth its top priority. It is in this context that the company could meet a list of drastic criteria to grab the 131st place. 

This news opens new perspectives for the company who belongs now to the French  companies landscape of the future !

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