Ekium engaged in the nuclear business

Olivier Ribera, Nuclear Business Unit Director

“Nuclear, a decade to extend the life of the power plants up to 60 years, start the construction of the EPR2 and SMR, then turn to nuclear fusion with ITER. “


An adventure that began at the first steps of the company in 1990. Present alongside the major nuclear French players, EKIUM covers the entire cycle of nuclear energy: upstream and downstream fuel cycle, reactors in operation, dismantling and storage as well as laboratories, research and test projects. Turning towards the future, we are determined to put our energy in innovating actions for a safe future of nuclear industry.



Christophe Zaia, Energy Business Development Director

A major player in the Nuclear industry, EKIUM is a French engineering company that supports the largest Nuclear projects in France and abroad.

Given the share of nuclear electricity in the world energy mix and its very low environmental impact, it is clear that this energy will continue to grow but must also continue to improve its competitiveness by strengthening its safety requirements.

Committed to the challenge of energy transition, EKIUM is constantly evolving in order to adapt and respond to climate requirements and challenges.

EKIUM is a committed engineering company, offering a wide range of skills and services and supporting the nuclear industry through:

  • Expertise in both, new build projects and Long-Term Operation (LTO), dedicated to NPP
  • Sustainable skills and training
  • Innovation projects
  • The capitalization of its long-term experience in France and abroad.




Philippe LANOIR, CEO

Committing to nuclear power is:

  • To preserve our national sovereignty and energy independence with abundant electricity, controllable, without risk of shortage and at one of the lowest prices in Europe,
  • Saving the planet through energy production limiting CO2 emissions and thus combating global warming, Contribute to the French defence strategy through the nuclear deterrent force,
  • Supporting research efforts on alternative energy, innovation and waste management,
  • Finally, to relieve and heal by developing a nuclear medicine unique in the world,


For all these reasons Ekium and its employees are very proud to participate in the French nuclear industry.

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