The connected factory: the challenge of tomorrow.

Ekium connected to the Industrial future

Smart Engineering, and in particular the Smart City and Smart Industry, also constitute new levers of growth for the group. A perfect illustration of this new dynamic is the flagship project at

A flagship project with the Paris Town Hall illustrates this new dynamic. In concrete terms, “It’s all about setting up the supervision of 1,300 heat production centres to heat 2,200 buildings (including schools, creches, town halls and so on). That includes innovative experiments with IoT to capture field data such as the temperature of premises,which is read from energy meters, while emphasising cybersecurity”, Philippe Lanoir details.

In fact, the industry of the future will have to exploit its Big Data and put an emphasis on its mobility as well as its agility. What is more, Ekium is positioned to support manufacturers in improving their energy performance.

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