Ekium : confirmation of forecast growth

Ekium, a major engineering and integration player, has kept its promises of growth announced for 2016 and continue to suceed. Hirings, turnover, contracts and development have very good prospects in the future.

After achieving a turnover of 63 million euros in 2015 (+15% /2014), Ekium achieves 70 M€ in 2016 (+11,1%). With the signature of important contracts – in particular multiannual frameworks contracts – Ekium sustains its activities and continues its development peacefully by approaching new markets as smart industry and smart city.

Ekium provides to recruit additionnal staff for 2017 and plans to grow to 850 people (750 at the end of 2016) to keep up the increased workload but also to launch an active maintenance service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

New frameworks contracts

These frameworks contracts assure a recurring activity to the company with 500,000 annual hours on engineering. This year, after CEA’s framework contract, Ekium has just won Total’s framework contract with projects requiring 500 to 5000 hours on engineering. It’s covering three businesses facilities (refining-chemistry, marketing services and exploration production) on all sites in France and Belgium, making a potentiel annual turnover of 10 millions euros. 

Building engineering in progress

Even if Industrial Engineering represents 70% of the turnover, building engineering division had grown in importance and several great names have trusted Ekium in 2016 as :

  • Printemps Paris Haussman : project management and revamping of buildings (1M€ in fees).
  • Crédit Agricole of Saint Quentin in Yvelines : project management for revamping three office properties.
  • Fondation OCP : project management of a university campus in Laâyoune -Marocco (2M€ in fees).

To achieve this, the Ekium teams are applying a working method based on through a digital model or BIM (Building Intelligence Modelling) which is taken in any new models layouts construction.

Smart engineering : new sources of development for Ekium with smart city and smart industry

The flagship contract of Paris City Hall enables Ekium to demonstrate its smart industry and IoT expertises (connected objects). In fact, Ekium sustains them as part  of project management assistance in design and implementation phase of an ambitious project.

The aim is to set up 1,300 thermal production centres whose function is to heat 2,200 buildings (schools, nurseries, town halls…). It includes innovating experiments in using connected objects (IoT) to collect on-site informations (temperature of the rooms, energy meters…) with a focus on cybersecurity.

To pursue dynamic international development

After acquiring Consultec (Mauritius) in the spring of 2016, which was opening new opportunities in the Indian Ocean, the number of projects are increasing :

  • Mont Choisy Property Developement Ltd : Project management during design and construction of villas and luxuary apartments in a « Golf Estade » in the north of the Island Mauritius in Mont Choisy.
  • Parkside Residences (11862m²) : IBM model design « Good for Construction » within the context of construction of apartments and residences halls in Quatre Bornes (Mauritius).
  • Vivo Energy : Scanning and creation of intelligent 3D digital models of Roche Bois deposit in Mauritius to build futures installations (The surface of the site is about 65,000m²).

In the same time, Ekium has signed with :

  • Suez Environnement : project management in the distributed control system of a seawater desalination plant in Oman in the Middle East.
  • Ghana Oil Company : its understanding of conception and execution for the storage of bitumen in Ghana.
  • OI : Revamping of the electric distribution HT BT (4MVA) and revamping of the distributed control system of glass furnaces in Dubi, Czech Republic.


« We have reached our goals of the 2012 strategic plan and we will continue to invest in news projects as smart industry and smart city. The digital transformation in the industrial and building environment is the major issue where we have the commitments and the will to succeed » concludes Philippe Lanoir, CEO of Ekium.

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