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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Ever since 2000, this sector has been subject to major developments that have transformed the world’s supply and demand patterns

Fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) have been the primary vector of industrial growth during the 20th century. This sector is undergoing major developments that have transformed the world’s supply and demand patterns ever since the year 2000.

We intervene in the downstream segment for major oil and gas companies, but also for mid-size enterprises and storage infrastructure operators and those involved in the transportation of unrefined and gas products: pipeline networks, treatment and compressor stations, storage of crude products and associated energy production.

Your challenges

Your challenges include the new demand patterns, the strengthening of product quality specifications, the adoption of the new environmental and security standards (CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions, Reach, Seveso Directives…), the customisation and modernisation of refining processes as well as storage infrastructure, on-demand transport and regulation and optimisation of CAPEX/OPEX.

Our added value

Through countless projects, its ability to adapt to complex situations and challenges and its expertise, Ekium has successfully demonstrated that it is a reliable and innovative partner for the successful realisation of projects around the world.

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Quality Commitment

We believe that continuous improvement is a top priority in terms of guaranteeing our clients' safety requirements (quality, safety, radiation protection, confidentiality.

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