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Key dates

The company was formed by 4 people, in 1990, under the name of Cira Concept, and initially specialised in automatic control systems and production control systems. Cira Concept has been through several organic development phases, and also phases of external expansion.
Three of the original founders (Philippe Lanoir, Laurent Perrin and Jean-François Aznar) are still directors of the company, which consolidated its growth to become Ekium, in 2008.
Ekium’s management is now seeking to strengthen the company’s international positioning, and to continue its expansion by covering additional activities and/or geographical regions.


1990        Cira Concept formed (Control Systems engineering)
1995        2C Service formed (Industrial and commercial electricity design work)
1997        Creation of the Grenoble site
1999        Creation of 2 Cira Concept branch offices (Paris, Marseille)
2001        Cira Concept Méditerranée subsidiary formed
2004        Takeover of Myria (Automatic systems design)
2005        Cira Concept Romania formed
2007        Cira Concept Europe formed 
                       CCF Polska formed 
                       Sites opened at Saint-Avold (57) and Pierrelatte (26)
                       Takeover of Atecas Seat ingénierie and Setram Technologies
                       (Prime Contracting and Industrial Engineering - On-site services)
2008        All the Group’s French companies merged to form Ekium
2009        Creation of the Cadarache (13) site
2010        Takeover of GLI – SBE and Dways
                       Setting up of EKIUM North America and EKIUM Algeria sites